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Co-creation and Community

For each event we work together with the local artists and communities.

Always Burning celebrates creativity. It is a place of creation and innovation; a birthing ground for breaching artistic boundaries, experimenting, and developing new experiences together. We perceive each event as a new work of art that we design with great passion. We love to add colour and flavour, to shimmer, to create sweet memories, to promote the art and craft of storytelling, and to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience.  We believe we all benefit from sharing stories and creating moments together.

Within this framework new talents, creations, and connections are born. We are always on the lookout for progressive storytellers or partners. The possibility to dream and create an extensive network allows us to step forward confidently in creating more magical events.

Become part of the vibrant group at the heart of Always Burning:
To see how we could work together or to get more information, please contact us here.

Our Story

Always Burning is created in 2019 by Wendy Garnier, born out of a lifelong love for stories. Together with the creative team Always Burning takes storytelling to the next level, creating events in which each person is immersed in the story.

Our Team

Chair/ Creative Director: Wendy Garnier
Admin: Amelia Herridge Ishak

Treasurer: Jonathan J Cummins
Sound Technician: Simon Lasnier
Light Technician: Jonatan Nordentoft de Regt

Our Storytellers

Below a list of the gems that have already shined their light on our events:

Aganjú (Valentina and Bruno), Ahmed Abdul Majeed, Alessia Franca, Amelia Herridge Ishak, Ana Luiza Ulsig, Andrea Maagaard, Anna Golieva, Assela Ongarbayeva, Aya, Bailey White, Bircan Aykurt, Beth Cortese, Bowy Goudkamp, Byurakn Ishkhanyan, Blanca Pascual Aranega, Cameron Zingel Amdisen, Camilla Pipaluk Sydel, Camille, Carlos Moreno, Chiara, Christina Møller Jørgensen, Dana, Dhanvi, Edgar, Emilien Rouy, Ester Maria, Eva Esmann Behrens, Filip Kiil, Flavia Teoc, Freya Burgos-Kjae, Helene Møller Kongsgaard, Iben Hayduk, Iris Karremans, Ivana Stavrovská, James Jefferys, Jan Asad, Jan Frederik Poschwatta, Jennie Schneider, Jimmy Sommer, John Hassall, John Hørup Christensen, Joke Corporaal, Jonathan Majlund Søderberg, Juliana Appel, Katrine Faber, Liene Jurgelane, Line Hassall Thomsen, Marika Rocca, Mathias Linaa, Mathilde Hoeg, Matias Fournais-Sánchez, Matt Charnock, Matthew Travers, Matthieu, Michael Heider, Mikaela Kirketerp, Míša (Michaela) Hejná, Misha Hoekstra, Morten Hammershøy Kølln, Naniso Tswai, Nanna Anhøj Lundbæk, Pakpoom Paul Sirihanyakorn, Patrick Cassells, Pedro Carapinha, Pernille Karlsen, Prashant Khorana, Robin Bonné, Sara Domingo Bräuner, Seb Doubinsky, Simon Lasnier, Sowjanya Iyer, Søren Fournais, Spencer Orey, Stephen Joyce, Stephen Whale, Tim Campbell, Tim Heymerdinger, Umay Elias, Vanessa Moll, Villum W. Lassen, Wendy Garnier, Yuri Bizzoni, Zoe Mills.

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to perform yourself? Please read our guidelines and contact us.


Always Burning works together with partners to help add experience and value to our mesmerizing events.

Our Partners:
Turkis – Det Turkise Telt
Aarhus University – English Department
LiteratureXchange – International Literature Festival
Litteraturen – Aarhus Centre for Literature

Grateful and Sustainable

Always Burning respects the Planet we live on and the place on the globe we get to borrow. We strive to leave the world a little more beautiful, cleaner, and healthier for those who come after us.

Become a Patron or Volunteer

The support of patrons and volunteers is an integral part to the continued development and success of Always Burning. Always Burning collectively makes a difference to the empowerment of the local artists and cultural scene in Aarhus. If you like to support the work of Always Burning and our ambition to connect audiences and art in Aarhus, please get in touch. By volunteering or donating as an individual or company you will provide vital support to Always Burning. We will be pleased to keep you up to date, so you can see the result of your contribution.