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The Story Begins

Hundred thousands years ago humans discovered fire. Hunter gatherers during the day, we suddenly gained additional hours of light. Out of all possible ways we could spend these extra hours of day, we decided to spent them sitting around the fire telling each other stories – to create memories, to unleash imagination, to share moments together.

To celebrate this cultural heritage we unite once more, inviting lots of international storytellers with broad cultural backgrounds, to tell a story within five minutes. On average 15-20 storytellers perform on an evening and 150-170 audience members attend. 

Storytelling is deeply rooted in our DNA. Stories bring life, add meaning to human existence, and move us. Eat your heart out.

What to Expect

Welcome to our world; a space for creation, deepening, imagination, inspiration, and exploring.

Our storytellers, artists, and cultural entrepreneurs make each event, together with you, a unique experience.

Expect an evening filled with live presented stories and plenty of surprises as the international storytellers of Aarhus take the stage. We immerse you in words, music, theatre, and zest for life. One-by-one, each storyteller shares a story within five minutes. Poets, performers, writers, actors, comedians, musicians, chatterboxes, sweet-talkers, and teachers of the literary and performance arts; a palette of unique and authentic performances working across genres. A story can be true or made up. It can be scary, funny, or moving. Spoken, rapped, whispered, sung, or danced. Grand, compelling, colourful, cozy, and everything in between.

Always Burning is simply inexplicable; you have to experience it! Come join and turn imagination into reality.


We are storytellers, storylisteners, inventors, explorers, mood makers, cultural entrepreneurs, soulseekers, and unsuspecting audience coming together. With heart and soul we strive to create an immersive experience bringing stories to life in a spectacular way.


Always Burning takes place in the citycentre of Aarhus. A cultural phenomenon, transforming cultural spaces into dreamscapes, celebrating the Aarhus cityscape.


A stage, playground, or place of worship; Always Burning is the place to celebrate storytelling, art, and life. It creates an evening of togetherness for the broad international community of Aarhus, stimulating a sense of belonging, solidarity, and interconnectedness.

At the Heart of the Story

You are an integral part of the story. As we enter the next chapter, we hereby invite you to become part of the Always Burning family and celebrate with us. An invitation to be nurtured and carried away in the moment. Come discover and experience. Lose yourself in the magic of storytelling. Whether you want to share a story or simply be mesmerized by the spectacle, the stories await you.